The main demo site is here:

This is the website you will see when you first setup the template engine. For security reasons we can't accept administration rights for all but you can preview the administration interface through these screens:

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Live examples

Being this an early version of the engine we are still in the process of compiling a list of sites using Template Blocks.

Having said that, this website of course is powered by the template engine and some of the websites in the KDI Network are scheduled to use this engine in the near future.

If you have used Template Blocks on your site and are anxious to show it off to others please send a note and we'll include your URL in this section.

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Main Download

The file you are about to download is an archive compressed in the .zip format. You will need to extract the files in the root of the website you wish to use the template engine.

Before you can use Template Blocks you will have to run a brief setup process. It is mostly automated and in most cases you won't be required to do anything more than navigating through some forms in your web browser. Read the included readme.html file for more information.

In case you do require more help you can send in your feedback at the Support area or request for assistance directly at

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Latest Version is



(File size: 199kb, Type: ZIP)

Other Sources

Google Code Version 1.2 Download
SourceForge Version 1.2 Download Version 1.2 Download